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~ get unstuck, discover your purpose
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"You may only be ONE woman, but you can influence your world"

You're A Woman With A Mission - A Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Author or Service Provider...

You're Ready To Take Your Message To The World And Make An Impact...

Now All You Need is Some Clarity, Confidence and a Platform

Here's How We Can Help ...

The Influential Woman is a coaching and mentoring program empowering and equipping mission minded women (coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and service providers ...) to make an impact and a difference, sharing their message and their story.

Your story has transformational power that can impact and change lives on a global scale.

We empower you to become more confident to do what God called you to do and we equip you to unleash your voice and take the global stage with your message.

Who Is Your Coach?

My name is Trish Jones and I'm the founder of The Influential Woman. I began sharing my story when I was just 16 years old, but never imagined back then that my story would become the gateway to the speaking platform, coaching or that it would be directly responsible for making me a published author, (and the publishers chased me, not the other way around).

And Here's Why I'm an Advocate of Personal Stories

Stories influence, they grab your audience's attention and they have the ability to transform lives. Telling real-life stories is also one of the most powerful marketing tools I know for putting your brand and your message in front of your prospects without sounding salesy.

So if You Hate Selling, Storytelling is the Marketing Tool That Will Enable You to "Sell Without Selling."

You sharing your story of transformation using your unique voice prepares hearts to hear you, buy into your solution to their problems and will help them find their own voice.


Why You Need Your Own Story Platform

Traditionally, if you had a story or some expert advice you wanted to share, you'd either be required to write a book, land speaking gigs or get on TV or radio.

But let's face it ...

This is the 21st Century!

You don't need BIG Media and you don't need BIG Advertising Bucks to get your message seen, heard and out there.

We show you new and easier ways to get your story and your message in front of your ideal audience ...

And We Show You How To Do It Without Using Complicated Tech That Keep You Focused On All The Wrong Things ...

By building your story platform using low tech, high touch strategies, we help you stay focused on sharing your message and not getting tangled up in the tools of delivery.

And the great news is you'll no longer need to rely on somebody else's platform!

Because You're Going To Build Your Own GLAM Platform!


Why The Influential Woman Is Different ...


We Help You Do More With Less by Focusing on The Power of ONE Thing ...

  • ONE story of transformation
  • ONE audience
  • ONE offer
  • ONE funnel
  • ONE method of promotion

Because after all, at the heart of The Influential Woman's message, is The Power of ONE ...

"She's only ONE woman, but she can influence her world"

We show you how to "stay in your lane" as it were, embracing your uniqueness, sharing your gift and using your voice to make an impact in the marketplace.

Because we know from experience that keeping you focused on the things that matter most will keep you energised and motivated, rather than the tech stuff that will drain and deplete you.

And more focus = faster results.

So we invite you to simplify your life, your brand and your business, by leveraging your story and taking your place of influence in life and business.

Let us help build you a business that's attainable, sustainable and scalable by ONE.


"Trish has been an incredible mentor, coach and guide not only on a personal level but a business level as well. She's the kind of woman that not only shares hope, encouragement and sound business advice, she lives it!"

Kristine Gunn
Life Coach, Consultant, Speaker

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